Engraved Tags

At Engraved Tags, we are specialists in numbered key tags and hotel key fobs. We can supply these fobs made from many materials including brass, nickel-plated brass, aluminium, plastic and gold plated.

We also supply tags and discs for tables, seat labels, door marking, key management systems and travel tags. Tags can be supplied with numbers (sequential and non-sequential), text or both. Black filled for added emphasis, etched or just deep engraved.

If you are finding your current acrylic or Traffolyte hotel key fobs are getting damaged to easily you could try our range of heavy-duty hotel key fobs made or a robust ABS material for a long-lasting alternative. These can be provided in a range of colours, sizes and designs. We are the trusted supplier to thousands of companies including hotels, guest houses, public organisations, charities and commercial industries.

We are happy to take orders online but if you feel more comfortable we can email you a proforma or take an order over the phone.  If you can't find what you are looking for, please ask, we are always happy to help.